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Deweys Design Complete Website Design

Having years of experience with the multiple different ways of going about website design and website development, Dewey’s Custom Website Design services can put together a great looking custom website, or ANYTHING you can think of from scratch. Or if you like I can implement it into any format that the internet can offer for example WordPress, or Joobla. Don’t be fooled by the typical Website Designer out there, most of them can only do templates or themes with WordPress. Also Deweys Design can also work on php, sql, server support, and more.

Custom Code or Cookie cutters you name it “you think it i can code it!”

All my website’s here are CUSTOM AND UNIQUE and well recognized with Goggle, Yahoo, and Bing. You to can have a custom website that no one else in the world has! Or if you like i can do a cookie cutter website in 10 min. too. If so I try to utilize the best tools and technologies out there. I can, and do one of my famous 10 min sites using  WordPress, joobla, magenta you name it. More importantly, I can handle any platform out there. You name the Platform and I guarantee you I know how to use it. Dewey’s Custom Website Design takes pride in quality, karma, and design. Jim’s slogan is “you think it I can code it!” To learn more on why it’s important to be unique on the web, feel free to give me a call at 541-994-Surf or email me at and see why hundreds of clients use

Here are just a few of many screenshots of some websites created by Deweys Design.

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